Your survey responses indicate you are currently operating your business similar to our clients who are at:

Level 3 – EXECUTIVE!

Typically, businesses at this level have an executive team and defined processes. The owner and team are pretty well focused on the same SMART goals that continue to improve customer and employee relations. Everyone is committed to meeting those goals, and your team operates your business efficiently and effectively – as long as you are there to lead.

Refinements at this level may revolve around questions such as:

Do all your sales people have a thorough understanding of how the features of your products or services benefit your clients or customers?  Can they relate these benefits to prospects in a meaningful sales conversation that leads to exceeding the new client or customer’s expectations?

What new needs does your target market have?  Are there new markets you should be tapping?  Are you challenging yourselves to keep your relationships with your customers and prospects fresh and expanding?

Is your team ready to lead the company without you?  Can you keep the excitement and high morale of those early entrepreneurial days?  How do you put in a whole new level of systems and processes without killing profit margins?

If any of these questions are keeping you awake at night, then you are experiencing the classic “flowing” pains of this business level.

It may be time for your company to stand on its own two feet and for you to move from flowing to rewarding.  We have found that these are common issues for businesses at this level:

  • Who on your leadership team is ready to step up? Do they have the drive and capabilities?  Or do you need to hire your next leader?
  • You and your team may feel you’re not on the leading edge of your industry anymore. How can you get back there?
  • If overhead is eating your profit margins, how do you become lean again?
  • Employee turnover and training is too costly. How do you train and keep good people?
  • Systems that manage operations and sales are not keeping pace with growth. How do you stream line your systems?  How do you make those investment decisions?  Which systems are best?
  • You’ve always dreamed of stepping back from leading this business to pursue other dreams but are feeling trapped.

You’re not alone.  These are common issues at this level of company maturity.  The good news is there are proven answers.  We will ensure you and your team have the skills and efficient company -wide systems you need to step out of the day-to-day but leave a powerful legacy.

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