Every new business professional starts out thinking, “if I can just sell enough, then all my problems are solved!” This is a logical perspective given that businesses are built on one’s ability to sell, but it’s not the only thing…nor is it enough.

When you manage your business, you soon discover that finding the time to sell becomes difficult. The most important skills you need are those required to run a small business and all the details that come flooding in like a tsunami!


When you partner with me, I will help you build the processes, systems, and skills to turn this part of your business into the rewarding, BIG PAYOFF that makes the difference in production and profit.

If you’re a veteran business owner, I will help you renew your management skills, with particular regard to how you can embrace new technology to become optimally efficient and up-to-speed with the digital tools your clients and prospects are likely using.

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Gender Diversity

Gender Diversity

“Your sales team should mirror your marketplace. That means that half of your workforce should be female.”

T. Skipper