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Woman Up! Workshop: Building Confidence and Competence to Win.

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You have potential. You’re ambitious. But – you may be under-appreciated in your position. That’s where mentorship comes in. I can help you build confidence and leadership skills, a.k.a. a roadmap to promotion.

This workshop has nine modules. You will complete one module per month along with your cohort. The cohort meets virtually once a month for 90 minutes.

Workshop Cohort One – Begins October 25 
$295 per person, per month. Includes a monthly 30-minute Individual Coaching Session.

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Virtual Meeting via “Square”
October 25 • 11:30 AM – 1 PM

In this workshop we will introduce this program and review the resources, assignments and assessments (DISC & Strengthfinders) we will cover over the next 9 Modules. Assessments will have been assigned and results will be brought to this class for debrief and discussion.

We will do a deep dive into why it is important to know the total organization for women not just the department, Agency or position they are currently in. We will have each participant to do an organizational chart of every division and/or department and identify the leader and purpose of the department to broaden their knowledge of their company.

We will build on their Business Financial Acumen with a basic review of Financial Statements, Budgeting and Basic Accounting.

We will review the concept of Markets and Marketing. Every participant will build a Marketing Plan with 5 strategies for growth.

We will introduce the concepts of Business Planning and Execution. The participants will create a first draft of a personal One Page Business Plan.

Case Studies Assignments will be selected for researching and presentation at the end of the Program.

Virtual Meeting via “Square”
November 22 • 11:30 AM – 1 PM

On this call we will review Case Study Assignments for questions and clarification. We will ask for any ah-ha’s from the first workshop.

We will then move to discuss the Pros and Cons of Moving for a New Job. When does it make sense, when doesn’t it make sense. What is the impact of a promotion? Why are women risk adverse? Who should have a say: Your Family, Your Peers, Your Community? What are the real income potentials from a promotion? Do you have the whole story, before you decide? We will complete a decision tree exercise for contemplating and capturing different factors in decision making.

Virtual Meeting via “Square”
December 27 • 11:30 AM – 1 PM

On this call we review and debrief our previous call. We will move into discussing how to build their Organization Muscles in Time Management, Resource Management and Communication Skills.

We will reference the book, Getting Things Done by Dave Allen and discuss his ideas and concepts and how we can integrate those into our work life. We will leverage our group to help 2 women address their Time Management challenges.

We will discuss how to use our resources both inside our work environment and outside in our home life and community. We will review Professional Designations, Industry Affiliations, Women’s Networks and Professional Business Coaches.

We will address how to improve our Communication skills. We will review and complete the final edition of the Individual One Page Business Plans

Virtual Meeting via “Square”
February 28 • 11:30 AM – 1 PM

On this call we review and debrief our previous call.

We will take on a few tough topics. We will talk about how to handle conflict. We will review the 5 basic approaches to handling conflicts: Collaborating, Avoiding, Compromising, Competing and Accommodating.

We will review the DISC assessments to find methods for resolving conflicts with Personality type that are opposite and discuss tools and methods to improve team performance.

Then we will move into a discussion of Leadership using the Kouzes and Posner’s 10 Commitments of Leadership Model. We will discuss the leadership journey and what can be hijacks and blockages along the way.

Virtual Meeting via “Square”
March 27 • 11:30 AM – 1 PM

In this workshop we will learn how to Recruit for talent: Who, When, Where and How. We will review different market segments and how to approach and attract candidates from Latino market, Asian market, Youthful market, African-Americans and Women markets.

Each participant will develop an Annual Recruiting Plan identifying sources and activities for all market segments.

We will do a deep dive about how to Develop talent. We will discuss the value of IDPs, providing Performance Metrics, Giving constructive & consistent feedback, and other significant ideas. We will review books, articles and Ted Talks in a facilitated round table discussion. We will discuss the best methods for handing performance problems, attendance issues and other sensitive type of issues that will need to be address while leading people.

We will uncover the Promise, the Problems and the Power of Culture in any organization. We will do a value exercise to reinforce the power of our personal beliefs and how they are impact our relationships. We will have a frank discussion on the merits of holding ourselves and others Accountable. We will learn the 5 steps to having an accountability conversation within a psychological safety environment.

Virtual Meeting via “Square”
April 24 • 11:30 AM – 1 PM

On this call we will do a debrief about our last Workshop and answer any questions or concerns.

We will discuss how to connect and coach high performers. We will review Language, Commitment, & Challenges. We will review the HBR article and You Tube video on How to Hold Effective Meetings. We will discuss how to create a Level 10 Meeting Agenda and the ABCs of Team Building. We will prepare a sample process for coaching one individual for 90 Days.

Virtual Meeting via “Square”
May 22 • 11:30 AM – 1 PM

On this call we will debrief our last call and answer any questions or concerns.

We know Women are paid less than their male counterparts. Some may say this is as much the fault of women as it is the fault of men because women fail to negotiate for themselves. This call will feature a Guest Speaker that is an expert in the field of negotiations to discuss techniques and tools that can be used. We will use the MasterMind technique to determine best practices that Women can use when they find themselves in a situation that requires negotiation skills.

Virtual Meeting via “Square”
June 26 • 11:30 AM – 1 PM

On this call we will debrief our last call and answer any questions or concerns.
Women can be an obstacle for other women:

  1. Gatekeeper Sara
  2. Super B Barbara
  3. Hard Nose Hanna
  4. Timid Tina
  5. Status Quo Nancy
  6. Judgmental Jane
  7. Flossy Flo

We will discuss the pink elephant in the room. Why these women are the way they are. How you can work with or sometimes around them. How to get them to work with you. Recognizing the danger in not addressing the issue.

Virtual Meeting via “Square”
July 24 • 11:30 AM – 1 PM

In this unit we will discuss how the Men in your organization can help you learn valuable skills and help you avoid career land mines as Mentors. How you can cultivate a business relationship with Men in Leadership positions to use their political capital for women as Sponsors and how to secure more lucrative assignments by finding and connecting with Males Advocates that already exist in your company.

Most men and women in leadership have credited the mentors, sponsors and advocates for their success, we will examine the why’s and how’s to achieve success in this arena.

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