I want to help you and your business get to the next level– no matter what company you work for or how big or small your business is. If you want to grow, I am here to make it happen. You can’t know where you’re headed if you don’t know where you land on the Business Growth Index.

Business Growth Index

What are the prevailing attributes and worries business owners experience while traversing the ladder of the Business Growth Index? I will help guide you through each level. As your business grows, I will help you find strategies to guide you to the next level, identify areas that will require your leadership skills and address any challenges that you may encounter on the road to growth and success.


Something every new business owner encounters is the feeling of being overwhelmed. You’re working on every aspect of your business and setting yourself up for the future success and more importantly, you’re finding out what you don’t know about how to evolve into a successful business.


With growth comes the pitfalls of starting a business. Employees, money and not enough hours in the day can lead to getting caught up in the everyday responsibilities while not being able to grow your business.


Your company is beginning to generate successes due to your team’s solid and consistent work. As you develop appropriate systems and processes, assemble an executive team a need will arise for those things to be tracked in the best possible way.
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This is the level every business owner strives for…a successful and thriving business. You are still the visionary, the leader. The need for your hand to be in every aspect of daily efforts is alleviated by a team of dedicated individuals you brought together. Your strategies now shift to different, long term focuses.